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Mendon, MA 01756
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Blackstone Valley’s Largest Flower and Garden Shop

  • All our flowers are fresh and guaranteed to last One More Day ™.
  • Our garden plants are guaranteed for 2 years, twice the competition's!
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Exceptionally Beautiful Arrangements for Weddings … Birthdays ... Anniversaries ... Funerals … Events of All Kinds

Latest Blog Posts from Mendon Greenhouse & Florist

Sneak Peek - 2015 Rustic Country Weddings Do's and Do Nots!

10/14/2014 6:12 PM

It's so hard when a bride asks, "What do you think?" Does they really want my gut reaction to the 89th empty Mason jar/log combination I've seen? Does she want my honest assessment of how those violet linens will look on that emerald table cloth (so 2013). Does...


October Gardening Calendar - Autumn Leaves

10/4/2014 6:14 PM

Whether you enjoy the Nat King Cole or the Frank Sinatra version, "Autumn Leaves" makes us all a bit melancholy. But, wait! Check out the view down Rt 16 in town, drive over the Blackstone River in Uxbridge, or take a walk in the Upton State Forest. There is so...


September Gardening Calendar - Last Call

9/9/2014 8:53 PM

How did your garden grow this year? Despite the ever-so-late start here in Massachusetts, did you get a lot of Tomatoes? Did your shrubs and trees rebound from the winter? Do you still have some flowers blooming? STOP! This is the last call to record...


Do you know where your Lawn is?

8/20/2014 3:36 PM

It's late summer, and you've been having a great time with beach days and barbeques.  But, just as soon as those Back-to-School bells start ringing, you realize something is missing. Where did your lawn go? What are those big patches of yellow, or worse, just...