December Gardening Calender

Ready for winter?

Hard to believe we’re almost at the Winter Solstice. But, just as we start to feel sorry for ourselves, our plants, and our outdoor furry friends, thoughts of our gardens warm up our souls! So, what can we do now to keep our gardening minds sharp? Read on for our cures!



Plans, Plans, and Plans

Remember the notes you took at the end of September (we told you…)? How did the Tomatoes taste with the basil nearby? Was that part of the garden too wet for the onions? How will you rotate your beds this year? Let’s have a blast from the past from our April 2014 Post. We’ll address the why’s of crop rotation in a later post. Don’t forget a few flowers to “feed the soul”.



How Was Your Trip to the Garden?

Okay, it was a trip to the garden blog post, but hopefully it stirred up more thoughts on what and how much to plant. I would agree with this “Top 10” what to plant list.

How much? Here’s where talking to fellow gardeners comes into play. Don’t rely on the online lists that assume you will spend every moment of your life canning to prepare for the Apocalypse. 20 Pole Beans plants per person – yikes, that would cover half of Mendon! We had 4 assorted tomatoes last year and still had them piled on the counter to give away. The 4 yellow squash plants – let’s not talk about that, please.



This Month Indoors

Are your houseplants in solitary confinement? Treat them to a shower (big ones in the shower, small ones in the kitchen sink) and some sunlight. The shower will clean off accumulated dust and/or pests, and give them a boost of humidity they so desperately need in our dry winter homes. How about rotating them to the “big window” once a week, or putting them under some extra artificial light to cheer them up? A day near the slider checking out the snow is like a trip back the tropics for them.


Fun Facts

Got mold? Get a peace lily. This variety of plant has been found to remove mold from the air, making it an ideal indoor garden choice for bathrooms or other damp spaces

How many plants should you have? Experts recommend 15 to 18 plants to purify the air in an 1800-square foot home—or as a guideline, about one per 100 square feet, or more if you choose smaller varieties.


Garden Fun facts from www.Chuckle Fox in the Snow photo by Roeselien

Originally published 12/2015, updated Dec 2016 by Colleen Oncay