January Gardening Calendar - Starting Anew

While there is a bit to fear about January with its wintry winds and dark nights, don't you love the anticipation of new things, and the determination we have to get things done? Gardeners know this feeling. So, let's start another year anew and see what beauty and bounty we can grow this year together.



Water trees, shrubs, and perennials during dry spells before the ground freezes deeply. Don't forget that roots try to grow at all times!

If a 2 day thaw occurs, apply an antidesiccant like Wilt-Pruf to newly planted narrow-leaved or broad-leaved evergreens.

Keep bird feeders filled.

Check for frost heaving on perennials and cover with extra mulch as necessary.

Avoid the use of salt to melt snow, as it is toxic to most plants. Use sawdust, sand or cat litter instead.



Stop feeding houseplants until March. This gives them a break during our darker months.

Dust on leaves can clog the leaf pores, so clean them up a little with a damp cloth, or give them a quick shower with lukewarm water in the bathtub or sink.

Always use room temperature water when watering or misting your house plants.

On cold nights, it is a good idea to close the curtains or blinds between the window and your plants.

Cyclamen, Kalanchoe, and Orchids are all long blooming plants. Cyclamen may bloom for 3 months or more!





Garden Fun Facts


The earth has more than 80000 species of edible plants.

Got a cold? Green sweet bell peppers have twice the vitamin C of oranges. Red and yellow bell peppers have four times as much.


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Originally published January 2016, updated January 2016 by Colleen Oncay