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Shrubs, Trees, Annuals and Perennials

Are Rhodies right for you?

These beauties are both loved and feared, depending upon their placement.  A big, beautiful Rhododendron Maximum placed at the entrance to the woods - gorgeous! A smaller, pink PJM blooming outside your front window at the same time as the early Daffodils - delightful!  Click here for an information sheet on Rhododendrons and their little sisters, the Azaleas.  

Questions? Drop in to our Garden Center, email, or call Mendon Greenhouse and Florist anytime at 508-478-3425.


Choose the Right Plant

Ever hear of the Right Plant for the Right Place? We are here to help you figure out which plants will perform their best in your location. Our Horticulturists look forward to turning your pictures, plans and sketches into an oasis of color and texture in your yard.



 Winter Garden

Stay away, Jack Frost!

Trees, Shrubs, and hardy Perennials can be planted now in the Mendon area. Cold tolerant annuals like Pansies, are ready, too! Houseplants and Annuals cannot take the frost, so use caution putting them outside until our last area Frost Date, anytime between May 15 and 31.




 Cedar Waxwing

Want Songbirds?

The Cedar Waxwing loves cherries, mulberries, elderberries, grapes, blackberries, and blueberries. Have a favorite Bird? Let's attract it to your yard by planning the right shrubs and trees to keep it coming back for years. Click here for a list of more plants for Birds.