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23 Feb 2015

Our Winter Birds – Cardinals and Woodpeckers

Whose Winter birds? Ours and yours – the ones we here in Central MA can enjoy watching at our snow covered bird feeders. Cardinals and Woodpeckers,the first in our series, are those little bright colors of joy against the white background. Those, “I need a dose of nature but don’t want to wear long underwear prescription” for seasonal woes. Read on to learn more about who is counting on you to get through another frigid night and how to keep them coming back.

30 Jan 2014

Is Bird Feeding Good for Birds?

Many people enjoy feeding wild birds, especially in the winter months, and we love to help you pick out new feeders and recommend trying new seeds and suet. Here’s a look at some of the questions we get about bird feeders.

What do you think? Are bird feeders a good idea or not?