Indoor plants make fresh air, perking us up both physically and mentally. They make us feel more optimistic, too. Why, we’re starting to think spring is just around the corner!

Fortunately our greenhouse and other growers provide a wide array of hearty, health-and-happiness-boosting live plants. Hearty indoor plants you can be confident giving as a gift to a neighbor or family member? Check. Good-looking indoor plants as a way to redecorate easily? Check. In fact, Organic Life recently listed seven plants that purify the air – and we’re told, they may make ideal roommates.

While you’re here, browse around and ask for advice. Our staff will be happy to help you get through the winter, and we’re just as eager for spring as you are.

Here’s to longer, sunnier days – and plenty of indoor greens to get us through the grays!

PS: Note to teachers (and parents) – one study actually found that plants increased alertness and focus and that student attendance rates were higher in classes held in rooms with live plants! Look, we can’t guarantee your students will make Dean’s List, but why not stack the odds in their favor? : ) 

Check out our selection online or stop in and see them in person.