Let’s face it, Moms are pretty easy to please. Any gift their kids pick out is “perfect!” Most moms also are quick to say, “don’t go to too much trouble” (and usually, they mean it). Generally speaking, what moms want most for Mother’s Day is to see their children.

Now we’re not going to let you off that easy. The fact is, Moms are special and when you ask any kid – at any age – they’ll admit the pressure’s on, at least a little bit, to find the best gift for mom.

Mother’s Day Gifts She’ll Love

Here at the shop, we know a few moms (wink, wink) and we love to help our customers pick out ideal gifts for Mom (or Grandma, or Mother-in-Law). Of course a lovely Mother’s Day arrangement is always appreciated – and it is especially nice to send one if you and mom aren’t able to be together for Mother’s Day. But if you want to go one better – maybe up the ante for your siblings – consider:

  • Easy-to-use lawn and garden supplies, and your promise to help her plan, plant, and tend her garden this year
  • A super-special card to tell her how you really feel
  • Willow Tree Gift Ware – lovely and long-lasting!
  • Gorgeous Wind Chimes
  • Silk wreaths and arrangements
  • Garden Decor to Keep Cheer all around – spinners are especially colorful and fun!
  • Gnomes 😀
  • Solar powered decor, decorative stakes for garden, solar hangars, pottery
  • Special Mom and Mother/Daughter jewelry
  • Artisan hand-painted Mugs, and NEW: Mugs with Matching Saucers and Spoons

Stop in and talk to our moms … um, gift selection experts, that is… and let us help you choose the Mother’s Day gift that’s just right for your mom.

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