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Shrubs, Trees, Annuals and Perennials

Shrubs and Trees

Ever hear of the right plant for the right place? We are here to help you figure out which plants will perform their best in your location. Our horticulturists look forward to turning your pictures, plans and sketches into an oasis of color and texture in your yard. Most of our plants are grown here in New England, ready to face any weather.


Need a hanging baskets of petunias for the porch, planters for Memorial Day, or help figuring out what to plant near your mailbox? With our trained staff and locally grown annuals, it’s done! Our creative and knowledgeable team can design and plant in your containers, too.


For color and texture that arrive and please year after year, check out our wide variety of both sun loving and shade tolerant varieties. Looking to help the butterflies and bees? Ask about our native selections. We welcome special requests of your favorites.