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Wedding Services from Mendon Greenhouse & Florist

You want your wedding to come together beautifully, and flowers add that “dream wedding” feel. We  promise to help you simplify all the choices to make it a memorable day that reflects your unique style and taste.

Our services include:

Initial meeting – we help you recognize and organize every element that’s going to be involved in your wedding. We can schedule in the evening or on weekends, to suit your schedule. FaceTime or Skype meetings are welcome, too!  This first meeting averages one to one and a half hours, as we will look at REAL flowers, not just Pinterest pics, together.

Our first proposal – we lay out what we can do for your wedding, based on your thoughts, preferences, budget, and tastes, bolstered by our expertise and experience. (Yes, we’re almost as excited about your wedding as you are!) The proposal includes pricing of every detail, so that you are in charge of your budget. We do offer some decorative items for rental.  Like to use the Cloud to communicate? We often use Dropbox to share our thoughts.

Additional meetings – once we have an agreed-upon plan, we’ll meet with you at various points in the process to fine tune the details.

Mockups – it’s hard to imagine what your wedding will look like based only on photos and talk, so we actually create samples of the decorative arrangements we’ve discussed for your wedding. At this stage, there’s plenty of time to make improvements until they’re just what you’ve always wished for.

Final viewing – 24 hours before your wedding, we’ll show you exactly how your flower decorations are going to look.  Easier to get a text or email? No problem!

Delivery and Set up - All this planning and activity leads to perfection at your wedding. We travel throughout New England for our wedding couples. If you choose to pick up, we will securely pack everything for you.  Based on feedback from countless couples we’ve worked with over the years, it’s going to be the day of your dreams, and more!

Let's Talk about Your Wedding! 

From proposal to reception photos, you can probably picture the flowers you want for your wedding. We can help you translate your mental images to real, gorgeous bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, centerpieces, indoor (and outdoor?) decorations and more.  Our experienced, detail-oriented floral designers are here to help! Planning ahead ensures all the details are handled. We know your wedding can be stressful - we're here to take the pressure off you. Let's talk about the way you see flowers for your wedding - and come up with a plan to make it happen! 

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